You Know you live in Southern California When… Part 2

I thought it was time to lighten the mood a little around here. And since my first post about SoCal living gets a lot of traffic, here are some more.

You know you live in Southern California when…

…you start to realize that whenever your children take their stuffed animals to the “Doctor” it’s to have cancerous moles removed.

…you hear someone nearby you say, “Oh look it’s only 102F now. It’s finally starting to cool off.”

…your first instinct when you smell your neighbors lighting up their grill is to rush inside and check the news for wildfires.

…you think it’s too cold to go to the pool when it drops below 90F and there’s a breeze.

…when you want to dress up a little and try to find a pair of sandals that aren’t flip flops you suddenly discover that you no longer own any shoes that aren’t flip flops. And your work out runners don’t count.

…you work out. But not outside. It’s too hot to run outside. You need to go somewhere air conditioned to work up a sweat.

…your kids think a smoothie with a protein boost counts as a meal.

…this April you picked the lettuce you planted last November, outside.

…the cheapest and healthiest fast food option is always some kind of Mexican.

…your Baby can almost say “quesadilla” at 18 months.

and finally

…you have fond memories of the years when you lived in a beach community and all of the characters who were local fixtures. Like the guy who biked up and down the boardwalk with a huge python draped over his neck. Or the guy who roller bladed around wearing nothing but a G-string and body paint. For Valentine’s day it was red and he wore Cupid wings. On earth day he painted himself blue and green, and your personal favorite, he wore an orange G-string and painted flames coming out of his butt. And that thought makes you nostalgic. Good times people. Good times.

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  1. Painted flames coming out of his butt. Oh my. That would have been a sight, for sure.


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