I have the Best Friends Ever

You may think that you do too and that’s okay. I’ll allow that. But only because you haven’t met mine.

The afternoon after I posted about our anniversary plans that fell through my friend Megan who lives all the way over in Michigan, (start a blog Megan) called me to say that if I still wanted it she had arranged for her sister to come and watch my kids and lend me her car. Is that a fabulous friend or what? Not to mention her sister.

Of course, When I called the GH he had already passed the tickets on to someone else, who was very happy to get them, and since we didn’t pay anything for them to begin with it was no big deal.

So thanks for the suggestions. We did have a quiet dinner together, very late, after the kids were all asleep. And dessert. And the antique tawny port that has been our celebratory drink of choice since we shared a taste of it and chocolate after we brought the Boy home from the hospital the very first time. And we did dance to our wedding song in our candle lit living room, and I did look amazing, if I do say so myself, and thank-you Chantelle for the suggestion. I got all choked up doing that. But refrained from crying because that would have been a mood kill.

We’re not that much better at slow dancing together than we were 8 years ago. But some other things are vastly improved with time. And best of all, we still like each other after all this time even though there have been seasons when we didn’t.

So here for you to listen to and enjoy also is our wedding song. Lord of the Starfields by Bruce Cockburn

**I’m not totally fond of all the images in the video. I think some of them are distracting from the song. I would turn off your monitor and just listen. But don’t have time today to fiddle with learning how to upload audio files today.

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