I need Anniversary ideas-Quick

What can you do to make your 8th anniversary special, and by your I mean mine, when the free concert tickets are useless because your standby childcare people are off to the Grand Canyon for two weeks, oops, poor planning, and the car you would have borrowed to meet said husband at concert is no longer available either? Not that it matters, because there is no one to watch the kids.

I have no budget for groceries for these two weeks (Plane ticket to Thailand and week of work missed makes frugality a priority.) I have a lot of rice and beans and chicken in the freezer.

So here’s the deal. Three little kids. Dinner at home. Husband working all day. What can we do?

Hit me with your most creative ideas to make tomorrow special. Pretty pretty please?

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6 thoughts on “I need Anniversary ideas-Quick

  1. Wow, this sounds like the 8th anniversary we just had in June. We had planned on dinner and a movie out without the kiddos. The day before our babysitter got sick, and even after finding a new babysitter – then our baby got sick!!! We didn’t want to infect her kids, so we opted to stay home.

    After all the kids went to bed (I know, you’re exhausted by then), I lit some candles and we ate our dinner quietly by ourselves. A rare joy with two kids both under two.

    We didn’t have much money this year, so for a gift I wrote my hubby a letter tell him all the ways I appreciated him and what a wonderful father he has been.

    Nothing exciting, but it works for us and we just enjoyed being together.

  2. What about a “How’d we get here?!?” date.
    After dinner and kids are in bed (or involve the kids)…. pull out the pictures, Make notes on index cards of favorite memories, etc.

    Some quiet conversation and sharing of the path traveled and some exciting planning of the adventures you get to share.

  3. We just had our 8th in June as well… and no $ or sitter either. My idea, too, was to put the kids to bed and have a quiet supper together after that…. Not super creative, but a big change from usual supper time!

  4. Hmm. well my 8th was june too as you know, and we managed a restaurant but the lists of activities in niger are slim to none. So I say put the kids to bed, dress up really nice and sexy, light candles, play music, dance in your living room to your wedding song (if you have it on disk) and let the night lead where it may)
    Congrats on the anniversary! Love you two!

  5. hello my sweetest friend,
    Budget be damned…put the kids down, have dinner together, bend down on one knee and ask him to marry you all over again, the quietly whisper your vows of 8 years ago to him, and tell him you love him.

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