Yes, this has become a fund raising contest blog. Sorry, I’m a bit obsessed. Only two more days before the contest closes. If you want to read something else today you can go over to Marriage Hacks where I am a new columnist on Mondays.

It would cost about $3300/month total to feed, clothe, house, school, and care for all of the physical needs of these kids in an ideal situation. They could all live on less than that, and they do right now. This is approximately how much it would take to set them up comfortably by Thai standards. In about 6 months we hope to be able to set up something more organized with him, and work out a budget etc. For now, know that this much a month would give these kids everything need in terms of material things.

So if everyone who has stopped by here in the past 4 days had donated just $2 each. We would have raised enough money to take care of everything the kids need for an entire month or two.

Please don’t not give just because you can’t give more than a couple of dollars. The couple of dollars of many people can change things.

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  1. Love the new Look! You must have been reading my mind….I was going to email you today for the link to marriagehack for a friend! Glad to know you will be writing there as well!

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