****Me, I suck at the zeros. I always get them confused. 1600, not 16,000 and not as many hits as I get in a year. The fact that it took me 4 days or so to notice the mistake, also embarrassing.

My jaw is on the floor. Seriously.

In one day this little story has gotten more than 16 000 hits. That’s about how many hits I got all of last year! 🙂

Thank-you, thank-you to everyone who is linking.

And thank-you everyone who has made a donation.

The current total is right around $360. That’s an amazing amount of money for these kids.

My heart is full of gladness right now. Thank-you all.

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  1. Great Job. It just goes to show when there is a good cause people really band together.

  2. Way to go girl!!! Good LUCK!!! I know how exciting this cause is for you and the family!

  3. It just says pretty.good..keep it up..

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