1000 Gifts Friday-Week 5

I always have trouble going to bed at night. There’s always on more thing to do, one more things I forgot to do earlier in the day that I need to do. There’s always a vaguely unfinished feeling that keeps me puttering around when I should be sleeping.

That has lessened now that I spend the last few minutes writing in my gratitude journal each night. I end up putting it down with a smile on my face and go peacefully to bed. It gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day. It’s the night cap I’m looking for. It restores peace to my weary heart that can only think of the things I didn’t do today that I should have done. It silences the voice of discouragement in my head.

This week:

Friends who share the exact right words of comfort when I’m worrying needlessly.

The Boy and I had several rough patches yesterday. He wasn’t listening, I would yell frustratedly at his , “But I didn’t hear you” excuse because that of course was the problem. We got through the day. I managed to hold my tongue for most of the evening, he managed to remember to listen and obey. I even managed to notice when he was doing the right thing and praise him for it after that, but in my memory it was a rough day. Then as we were praying together before bed I he said, “Thank-you God for mommy.” It’s not something he normally prays.

As I was praying for my turn I was saying thank-you that we got to spend the day together, because even a hard day together is way better than not having each other to spend it with. He snuck over next to me and gave me a long, sweet hug while I was saying this and then snuggled next to me like he used to until we were done. I am so grateful that we can heal our strained relationships. One misstep doesn’t shatter them forever if we take the time to repair them. I know he felt it too, this need to spend a moment loving each other again, to heal the hurts of the day.

Sweet, peaceful, uninterrupted slumber. I only got one night this week but it made such a difference just when I really needed some rest.

The kids all playing follow the leader, with Little leading.

Baking weather.

That there is much to give thanks for.
The gratitude community is here.

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