Go vote for my Manly Man-Pretty please?

Well, I was going to post something about the haircut I gave myself this weekend today. I twittered it, but people wanted to see pictures.

I’ll get to it. But first I had to tell you some good news.

See, I write over here too, for this other site called Blissfully Domestic, about marriage. And through that I found out about, don’t ask how, the Art of Manliness-Man of the year Award Contest sponsored by Old Spice. (Of course.)

So when I found out that there was a $2000 cash prize involved… well I just had to write up an entry and send in a picture of the Genius Husband, because I think he’s pretty great myself. Why shouldn’t he win a basket of Old Spice products [snicker] for being his awesome self. Oh yeah, and $2000. And a great title to put on his resume, or his …well, I’m sure the title would come in handy some how.

And I just found out that he is a finalist. Which is really amazing because I read all of the other finalists stories just now, sizing up the competition, and wow, there are some pretty amazing guys in the top 10. Of course, I still think mine is the best. Reading the other stories though I see that it’s quite an honor that they chose him to be among such distinguished company.

And since there are some great men in that crowd we need your help. The winner will be the man who gets the most votes in the next week or so. I’m not sure how long it runs. And the winner gets $2000. You know why I’m so excited about that right?

Because that money will help us establish the charis project, and help to take care of the kids from Burma.

So what are you waiting for. Go read about why I think my guy is a good man, and VOTE. Pretty, pretty please?

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