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Well, the best way to end an emotional/hormonal roller coaster of a week of course is to look in the mirror and declare, “Self, you need a haircut. You can’t do much about the tired eyes and the skin that wishes the weather would make up it’s mind, but you can hack off your hair. Won’t that feel better?” And then you respond thusly, “That’s a great idea self. Why, here are the hair scissors right here, how about we do this before we take a shower?”

What? That’s not what you do? Oh…


I have almost cut my own hair before. I gave myself a pretty cute bob by tying all of my hair at the nape of my neck with and elastic and then cutting off the pony tail. Of course, the first time it was because I was planning to cut all of my hair off, that was just the first step. But it looked quite cute.

A few months back I tried it again, only with my beloved SIL standing by to fix and even things out, which she did, and it was again pretty cute I thought.

So on Friday I decided to try and do it all myself, because I figured it would be nice to know if I could if I ever needed to.

This is how I ended up mostly naked while balancing on a bathroom counter contorting my body in order to see the back of my head in the mirror while trying not to fall. And then I kept going back to the scissors for a few days to get at spots I missed, and to keep going shorter, because it wasn’t short enough.

On Sunday I snapped this picture for all those people, okay one, who wanted to see how it turned out. It’s not the best shot of the hair cut, but you get the general idea. I think I’ll keep it.

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9 thoughts on “Haircut picture

  1. Very cute!
    Is this due to the fact that hair stylists are few and far between in Thailand? 🙂 I just cut my sister’s hair yesterday. She’s never once gone anywhere and paid to get her hair cut. How cool is that?
    And… is that a nose piercing I see?

  2. Thanks everyone- You are good virtual girlfriends 🙂

    Tamra-I have no idea what the stylist situation is like, so thought I may as well try.

    And yes, I’ve had a nose pin for more than a decade. It’s my only piercing, including my ears.

  3. Love the cut! It really looks good on you!
    I tried trimming my daughter’s bangs once, it was a disaster! 🙂

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