1000 Gifts-Week 13

Little carefully setting blocks in a row and saying.”Yay!” to herself every time she finishes.

The fond smile of the man I love when he looks at me.

Children dancing among grown ups. Totally unselfconscious. Enjoying themselves completely.

The sight of the Girl running around hand in hand with a little boy who has claimed her as his friend for the evening.

The kind of friends who welcome you into their home and make you feel it is your home as well.

Knowing and liking my neighbors, well enough to borrow a crock pot from some of them, or a cup of sugar.

Girls twirling in dresses, faces alight and filled with pleasure to see fond parents watching them.

The way all of my children scream “DADDY!” and come running as soon as the Genius Husband walks in the door.

Little girls playing dress up.

The Boy turning everything he says into an improvised song.

Frere Jacque over and over and over again from the Girl as she memorizes the words. Slightly off key but so enthusiastic.

A quiet moment in the midst of a party when the GH drew me aside just to sit near him for a while and look at the stars.

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  1. There is always at least one thing on your list that I can relate to. Thanks for the weekly reminders of why I should stop complaining and look at things a bit differently.

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