7 Quick Takes

1. I am elbow deep in making baked beans for more than 80 people. They keep expanding and I keep borrowing the neighbor’s crock pots to contain it all. 6 lbs of beans is a lot of beans y’all. Just sayin’.

2. I am also trying to finally finish making the girls their birthday dresses. Yes, I’m a month behind. I figured they could wear them to the wedding we’re attending this weekend. And then I would have a deadline again, which I need to actually get them done.

3.Not my sister’s wedding. She’s in Canada. I’m not going to hers because: she only set the date last month, the price of travel, (I won’t go without Little, she’s not ready), no one to watch my other children while I’m gone, etc. The timing works out for everyone except me, and I couldn’t even promise I would make it any time so…for those who asked that’s why I’m not going.

4.I bought a jump rope today. The past 4 months or so of learning how to be an administrator for a non-profit, and a web designer have not been good to my body. I’ve been a lot less active. I figure I can skip right outside the front door while keeping an eye on things for 15 minutes a day. And perhaps my thighs will stop growing.

5. I’m thinking of wearing my grad dress to the wedding on Saturday. (We don’t have prom in Canada, we have Graduation.) Would that be wrong? See, it’s a formal wear, afternoon garden party. The dress in question is a knee length but more formal style of dress, it might be in style again, and, most miraculously, it still fits me. I can’t decide.

6. I keep thinking I should check in on my elderly neighbor. It’s been 3 weeks or more since I’ve seen him. I wonder if he’s ok. I keep thinking this but so far haven’t acted on it. So you can all ask me tomorrow if I did or not and maybe that will get me to find the time to go over. (Never mind, I just checked. They’re fine.)

7. My kids really love this sight. It keeps the Girl occupied while I’m teaching the Boy, and he’s been motivated to finish up quick so he can have a turn. There’s only one problem. Mommy wants her computer back! HT to MerchantShips and Rocks in My Dryer.

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6 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  1. My kids love that site too! It’s really helped my now 4 year old last year with using the mouse…it’s great for little ones who are too young to know how to play a game with ‘rules’.

  2. I remember that dress. In fact, I have a picture of you IN that dress! Lucky stiff, still being able to fit in it! I say wear it. It’s very nice.

  3. I love your new profile pic. Hey… I just wanted to tell you that we are talking very seriously about trying to get ourselves to Thailand for a break in August. Yay!

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