Happy Birthday To ME!

I am 32 today. It’s been the 31st for 9 minutes or so. There are many busy things going on to celebrate. The gratitude post may not be up until Sunday.

We just finished up with the top layer of glaze on the Mint Chocolate Truffle Cake and if the finger licks are any indication everyone eating it tomorrow will be very happy, and then comatose from chocolate poisoning. But it will be worth it.

And then we have to go to the Genius Husband’s grandparent’s to eat dinner and more cake, and to swim in their hot tub and pool. Well, the kids plan to. I think it will be too cold for swimming, and I’m not the hot tub type, or something.

Then, on Sunday, my SIL is going to baby sit my children, and the GH and I are going out on a real live date!!! Dinner and a movie, a grownup restaurant and a grownup movie. The last time we went on a date was in April, to give you an idea of the momentousness of this occasion. (Is too a word.) The GH works in the construction field, which is somewhat seasonal in nature, and for the past 3 years he’s not had any work in January. Which means my birthday is always the economy version. This year has been good, which is ironic considering the economy. So this year we are actually going to go out and celebrate. Hooray.

I can’t even think this year of anything I want for gifts, it’s always really hard for me to think of things. (Though I really miss that perfect pair of linen pants that I bought on clearance for $4 that went missing in that stolen load of laundry a few months ago.)

Facebook causes has this really nifty thing where on your birthday you can ask friends and family to donate to the cause of your choice, one dollar for each year. So this year I asked everyone to donate $32 to the charis project, and the response has been really amazing so far. I’ve already passed my fund raising goal. Now I’m dreaming of doubling it. So if y’all wanted to, you could go here and help me celebrate my birthday.

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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To ME!

  1. Many Blessed Years, Carrien! Wishes here for much peace & joy for you and the family.

    I'm a newer reader of your blog and enjoy coming to visit very much.

  2. I just think you are the loveliest gal…your heart and spirit are so full of Jesus! So, happy birthday blessings to you from me, a lurker who enjoys your post very much!! I think I found you through Rae’s blog. May God grant you the desires of your heart (and I know that would bring life and health to many orphans!!)

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