1000 Gifts-Week 14

This week’s gifts, just a few.

Three hours with my Girl, walking to a coffee shop together, her buying me tea with money the Genius Husband gave her for the occasion, the time spent together.

Doing it all again the next day with the Boy.

The GH rearranging his schedule to facilitate yet another mommy and child outing.

My kids rocking out in the car to the songs on the radio. The Girl memorizing her aunties singing into a hairbrush to a CCR song and imitating it ever since, Little with all the shoulder and arm moves and the Boy head banging in the back. Pure fun.

We passed a sign holder on the corner near the GH’s grandparent’s house Saturday. A middle-aged gentleman in white tennis wear, complete with head band, and personal listening device firmly installed in ears. He was getting down in a way I have never seen a middle aged white guy get down ever before. There was hip swiveling and gyrating and I think I even saw a moon walk. I haven’t seen anyone that age enjoying themselves so unselfconsciously maybe ever. We passed him twice. It was, in a word, awesome.

In-laws who throw birthday parties and buy cakes for me.

Notes and greetings from friends and family from all around the world.

A real date with my husband.

SIL who babysits.

The sweetness and simplicity of presents conceived and executed by small children. (The Boy painted a tin and put in all of his money from his piggy bank for me, “Because I know we’re going to need money to go to Thailand mommy.”)

The sailor-like rolling gait of a newly walking toddler.




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  1. Is there ANYTHING cuter than a newly-walking toddler?
    I wish I could go on a real date with my husband – great list!

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