In absentia

I’ll not be using my computer this week. Except once a day to keep up on email, and maybe a few other times if I can’t avoid work.

You won’t notice really, I have posts automatically scheduled to publish. Some I just wrote, some are favorites from the archives.

It’s time for a reset in my home. It’s time to change, tweak, rearrange and alter the bits of life, and the order they string together in, so they do us all the most good. I’m finding it hard to be conscious of the transitions, those little moments that are built into my day and take me from one activity to the next without thinking. I’ve realized that it’s because almost every transition has attached to it a return to my desk, to check email, to type something I’ve just thought of, to nurse Little while reading blogs. I can’t notice and repair the transitions that are faltering when I am so habitually ignoring them by being online.

So, the reset begins. I’m wiping the memory of old settings and starting new. See you next week. I hope.

Also this week, Little is potty training, and family is visiting from Thailand.

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