1000 Gifts-Week 21

  • The girl likes to make lunch these days. It’s worth cleaning up all the peanut butter and honey glops to see the pride on her face as she brings lunch to the table.
  • Beautiful weather. The kind where the breeze smells sun warmed and the birds won’t stop singing or nesting, and it all smells so green.
  • Apparently I am the only person who is aware of my complete and utter failure on so many personal levels. Perhaps I am exaggerating the level to which which suck in my own mind? Seriously, there is nothing like feeling the day has been nothing but an endless string of blunders and having the GH smile at me at the end of the day and tell me I’m doing a really good job.
  • Our friend Eric who made the nifty new sponsor a child widget in my sidebar. Feel free to get it for yourself and post it everywhere.
  • That my worst difficulty so far in raising/educating the Boy is that he understands all of his math, but he’s too bored with the work to concentrate long enough to finish his workbook activities. Frustrating as this week has been, it’s not that big a deal.
  • A good talk with my dad.

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3 thoughts on “1000 Gifts-Week 21

  1. I just came over here from Conversion Diary and saw your comment about your boy’s math. Just a word of advice from a mom who’s been homeschooling since 1991 (lots of kids)…if he understands the math, move on. The purpose is the learn the math, not fill out all the pages in the workbook. I’ve made that mistake and paid for it a couple of times. Let him use his free “math” time to learn about something which delights him, frogs or rockets or something. You’ll be glad you did.

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