Open Letter to the Dad at a Little Girl’s Birthday Party.

Do you know how much of a heel you make yourself when you, an unemployed dad, mock your wife, who works full time to support you, puts hours into launching a home business on the side so she can stay home with her children while continuing to support you, and is exactly 3 months postpartum, for eating what everyone else is eating because you think she is eating too much and should be losing the weight faster than she already is?

I guess not, because you would not stop, and it made everyone distinctly uncomfortable.

And then, when you were done with that you would NOT. SHUT. UP. about how BORING it is to watch little kids all the time. You have not had a steady job in 3 years. I hardly think you can blame that track record on the economy. If you hate watching kids so much, shut up, grow a pair, actually look for a job for a change, and support your family so your wife can stay home with the children she loves and take care of them.

It’s one thing if you two have agreed on this arrangement as best for you, which you haven’t, and it’s another if you have fallen on hard times and are doing your best to get by, which you don’t seem to be. But to sit there whining and moaning about how watching your children falls to you and you don’t like it is absolutely moronic. Please shut up.


The neighbor mom whose lip hurts from biting it.

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5 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Dad at a Little Girl’s Birthday Party.

  1. Erk. You know, I don’t swear but the only thing that’s running through my mind regarding this misguided dad is.. Dumbass.

  2. Suburban Turmoil & Emily-I'm kind of afraid that he already did see it. I forgot that his wife reads my blog sometimes. And yesterday she went home from work to find him drunk in the middle of the day while watching the kids.

    Trying not to feel guilty for over the possibility of causing that. Which is unconfirmed. And his choice anyway, not my fault. Gah.

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