I’ll be napping under the socks

Terribly, tragically, sadly, alas… my computer is kaput. The day I woke up thinking whoa, this thing is really going downhill fast I should back some stuff up, is the day it no longer responded to any kind of stimulus whatsoever. I’m praying I can get back all my work when we go to visit the expert people. And all my pictures for the last three years.

I’m making time with the GH’s laptop while he’s at work. It’s the only time possible really, when he doesn’t take it with him. I can’t even use it while he’s sleeping. The man listens to audio books to help him fall asleep. Once I thought he was asleep and tried to sneak it away, or just turn down the volume, but he woke up as soon as my hand touched it and in a sleepy bewildered voice demanded to know what I was doing with his computer.

So, hello best beloveds, we are reunited for a brief moment.

Last week, my mother was here, which was a great help in many ways. It’s been a long time since the kids saw her. They all had a blast. Much as we enjoyed having her here it was really nice to wake up Saturday morning after she had gone and feel like I could stretch out again in my own space. Our apartment is so tiny that just one extra person added to the mix makes it feel quite overcrowded. It also helped tat the GH made waffles for breakfast, and the kids helped by whipping cream by shaking a jar full of cream, slicing the strawberries, and clearing and setting the table. It was a good morning.

And in celebration of the fact that I have my house all to myself again, sort of, I have a crazy day of cleaning and organizing planned. I am just way too much fun aren’t I? Also, I am making soup out of all the leftovers in the fridge from the excessive eating sprees of last week.

This is a clue to a very important fact dear readers, can you tell what it is? I continue to not be vomiting!

Yes, my standards are very low. I woke up today and didn’t vomit, hooray! How often really do we do the happy dance over not vomiting daily? I think I should do it more often.

Of course, I wake up from a nap wanting to take another nap. But I can push through that in order to find my closet floor. I hope.

If you don’t hear from me soon send rescue dogs to search out my closet floor. Make sure they bring food. The only other option is that the GH is back home and hogging his computer to himself. The nerve of some people. He keeps claiming it’s so he can download programs or learn more ways to fix mine but I know he just doesn’t want to share.

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