Tired and Ravenous

That’s how I am, in case you were wondering. Usually at the same time. My dad asked yesterday, when I told him I wasn’t puking yet, if it was possible that the pregnancy test was wrong. To which I replied, “NO! Well, yes, it is possible. However, since I have all of the other symptoms of being pregnant to catalogue, I don’t think it’s very likely.” [Catalogue is too spelled that way, just ask the British, or a Canadian.]

The nicknaming of this child while in utero has become a full contact sport around here. My SIL’s are voting for Schmidty the Sequel. I find it hard to believe that anyone has been reading long enough to remember that so I’ll recap. Schmidty was the abbreviation of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, which came from the Boy being convinced every week I was pregnant with Little that we need to name the child John, or Jacob, or John, or maybe, Jacob. I’m not sure what he’ll do if this is another girl.

We named the first two Twinklet. The GH said to the Boy one day when he wouldn’t stop kicking, “Stop kicking you mom you little Twink!” I burst out laughing and couldn’t believe he had just called our unborn child a Twink. (Does anyone else use that as an epithet or is it just an our family thing?) So he amended that perhaps the unborn child, on account of his unbornness wasn’t yet large enough to be a full blown Twink, but maybe he could be a Twinklet.

The Girl came up the best nicknames today. It’s become an obsession for her. My favorites are, Princess Pomegranate, which assumes of course that it’s a girl, and Sherbet, you know, like the stuff that’s like ice cream, but isn’t. I’m liking Sherbet. I plan to eat some soon, which may mean we have winner.

Did I mention that I’m hungry? Again?

Also, I need another nap.

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10 thoughts on “Tired and Ravenous

  1. Wait! How did I miss that you’re expecting?!?

    Oh, Carrien, you are a wonderful mom…and I’m thrilled that you’ll be mom to another little one soon!

  2. My first was Lumpy, and she became Buglet after birth, because of this cute thing I used to do on hubby’s birthday cards with a Love Bug on it, so my offspring was a little Love Bug…Buglet….get it?
    Our second was Twinklet. Probably got it from you, though not intentionally. Never heard of a Twink before today…he was more of a little twinkle…Twinklet.

  3. I think little Sherby is happy when you eat. (Sherbet is a good nickname. But I vote for one of the following:
    Chuck or Ralph – bc baby is going to make you spew forth.
    Shimmy – bc that’s what it’s doing inside you
    Ziggy – at least for the time being, because it’s just barely past the zygote stage.

  4. Princess Pomegranate is too funny! Rather insulting if it turns out you’re carrying a boy though eh? 😉

  5. Awesome! We never did nicknames, we just kept having to put up with silly real name ideas from our 3 3/4-y-o. Names like “Supercalifragilistexpialidocious,” and “Scuttle,” and “bongo drum.” 🙂

    Maybe that was why we had trouble naming the baby!

    His name is Nicholas, by the way (named in the car on the way to delivery), and he’s 3 weeks and 5 days old. I have great pix up on my blog if you like looking at children loving on each other. 🙂

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