The miracle of life-By the Girl

This just in…

Girl: If I had a penis but was still a girl, and the Boy had a vagina but was still a boy then he would have to shoot that stuff that makes babies out of his vagina and into my penis. And that would be just weird.

(Not to mention the idea of making babies with your brother, that’s not weird at all sweetie, not at all.)

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2 thoughts on “The miracle of life-By the Girl

  1. ROTFL!
    I love that your kids know the truth and are comfortable thinking about it and sharing with you. It's the same in our house.
    Sending you love, paisley

  2. Watching children try to figure out gender and sex and body parts is so fascinating.

    (And often hilarious in a please-let-me-save-laughing-for-later-so-I-don't-scar-you sort of way…)

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