A LIttle Too Much Information

Very early this morning I was finally dropping off to sleep, after several hours of attending to very sick children, as they coughed and vomited and cried and choked. Suddenly I became aware of a new sound, a sort of strangled, panicked, urgent scream. In an instant I was bursting through the door to their bed room, terrified at what I might find.

Only they were sound asleep in their beds. Peaceful for the first time in hours.

But the sound went on. My sleep befuddled brain thought maybe there was a child outside in pain and went to the window.


That’s not distress I am hearing.

Those aren’t panicked sounds.

We have new upstairs neighbors, two women, two children.

I got back into my bed and covered my ears with my pillow, trying desperately to pretend I wasn’t hearing anything at all and go back to sleep. Which I did. Until the second woman started to make similar sounds. Then I woke up again, and covered my ears again, and tried to go back to sleep, again.

Oh well. What can you do? It’s summer, everyone sleeps with their window open.

I took them cookies today and welcomed them to the neighborhood.

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3 thoughts on “A LIttle Too Much Information

  1. Oh. My.
    It actually took me a second to figure it out, and I wasn't even being woke up out of a dead sleep, lol.

  2. Like Tamra, I had to think for a few seconds (and read back a line or two) before realizing just what you were hearing. I'm not fully awake yet, so that can be my excuse. How about a white noise machine or semi loud window fan?

  3. Wow. We had a neighbor man who was very noisy and would yell in Hindi or Punjabi or just shout a drawn-out "oh gaahhhhhhd" We couldn't do anything but laugh… Until my bro-in-law moved in and yelled "CLOSE YOUR DAMN WINDOW"
    I am not suggesting that. But it sure was funny at the time.

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