Multitude Monday

holy experience

  • My mil came yesterday to take care of my children for a few hours while I went to church. She even offered to come over night and get up with one or two of them so I could sleep. (I didn’t imagine I would be able to sleep anyway, but how lovely to offer.) It was refreshing to have a few hours when I wasn’t rubbing backs and cleaning rugs and emptying vomit bowls.
  • The Boy and Girl slept through the night last night for the first time in more than a week.
  • Little boldly jumping into the pool and swimming “all by her big girl self” with water wings.
  • Even though my children are very ill and I’ve lost a lot of sleep, I have never had a night and morning like MckMama is having. Will you pray for baby Stellan?
  • The caress of warm night air on bare skin. Just cool enough to be refreshing after the heat of the day.
  • Humming birds floating the in flowers near our front door.
  • Dancing with my husband.
  • Work that is meaningful.
  • Bright red home grown tomatoes.
  • The sight of a friend, at his own daughter’s wedding, which was planned to be on the anniversary of the death of his infant son several years ago, with his arm around his weeping neighbor assuring him that God can and does redeem all things, and will for him.
  • I was able be there for a friend yesterday when she really needed someone.
  • All these people I have been given to love.
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