Give some joy this Christmas-*updated*

Wow, you guys rock. 5 more bunks beds donated and 5 more for clothes and shoes as well! That means we’ve only got 5 beds to go, and 3 kids left to buy clothes for. THANK-YOU so much for being such a blessing!

I was going to post this at the beginning of December. But then I got a few glitchy paypal emails that led me to believe that the entire cost had already been covered by a few very large donations. When I actually checked two days ago I found to my dismay that it was a mistake. (I know, I should have checked earlier, but I’ve never gotten inaccurate emails from them before so I was trusting the info.) So we’re still short on beds and clothes for the kids at the children’s home for Christmas day. The worst part is that we already told them there was enough to send and there really isn’t.

So I’m sending out a last minute SOS. Can anyone help?

The full story is here.

The short version is this. We’re barely able to provide food every month for the 35 or so kids at the Charis Home. We’re not up to budget yet with sponsors. They catch pigeons to supplement their protein intake.

Some of our very faithful and supportive long time sponsors asked for extra things they could do for Christmas. Well, one of the main things they need is beds that are up off of the concrete floor.

This is what they sleep on right now.

The floor is covered in shelf paper in case you’re wondering. 

They also need warm clothes and new shoes since it’s the cold season in Thailand right now.

One welded steel bunk bed that sleeps two kids costs $75US. (That’s the cheapest option.) The mattresses are $15 each.

Donate $75 for a bunk bed now.

Warm clothes and new shoes costs $15/child.

Donate $15 for warm clothes and shoes now

At current count we have 27 kids in warm clothes. We need 8 more.

We have 5 beds paid for. We need 10 more.

These kids are so sweet. Every day they pray for the people in the west who give money to help them live. They play in a dirt lot, eat pigeon and rice for dinner and are happy and cheerful and work together to get through meals and clean up and homework. They sleep on concrete without complaining. They’ve lost parents, been abandoned, and witnessed things you and I can only imagine.
Will you help make their lives a little easier this year?

We have gifts cards that we’ll mail out if you want to make a donation in someone else’s name for Christmas. Just give us an address, and leave a note.

If you can’t do a bed go ahead and donate $15 for clothes. Once we reach enough for each child to get clothes we’ll put all of the rest of that toward bunk beds as well.

Can you help?

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