35 Reasons I’m Thankful for my Husband

There’s a tradition in Aaron’s family that goes like this. Before the cake is cut and served, or sometime during dinner, everyone present takes a moment to talk about at least one thing they are thankful for in the birthday person, and to bless them or pray for them for something to be added in the year to come.

It’s an awesome tradition, I loved it from the moment I learned about it, and yes, you may borrow it. I don’t think any one here will mind.

Since today is his actual birthday, and he’s turning 35, well… I think you get the idea.

  1. His smile, the genuine one, where I can see the little boy inside looking out through grownup eyes.
  2. His outstanding cooking.
  3. The way he uses words to empower and strengthen people.
  4. He chooses to build up, never criticize.
  5. The way he teaches, seeking to expand minds rather than just insert knowledge.
  6. His very unique/odd/grotesque? sense of humor.
  7. He can fix almost anything.
  8. His “firm grasp of the obvious.”
  9. How gently and surely he holds our children, even when throwing them around during a wrestling match.
  10. The way he wakes up early every morning to go to work and take care of us.
  11. The way he reassures me whenever I worry that he’s pushing to hard and taking on too much that he’s strong, and he can take a lot, and he’s happy to.
  12. The way his chest hair and temples are starting to turn gray.
  13. He plays a mean stereo. The music when he’s around is always interesting.
  14. He’s never found something that he can’t do if he wants to do it.
  15. That he values character over accomplishment.
  16. That he loves without repentance. If he chooses to love someone he will not turn back.
  17. He doesn’t complain.
  18. He enjoys making the people around him happy.
  19. He is patient, even with me.
  20. He considers it a privilege to be the guy people call when they need help.
  21. He is confident and self assured in a way that doesn’t need other people to know or praise what he’s done.
  22. He’s always ready for an adventure.
  23. He can build anything you can imagine and many that you can’t.
  24. He relates to people where they’re at, and on a level that they can understand.
  25. He doesn’t hold grudges.
  26. He appreciates beauty.
  27. He’s curious about everything.
  28. I’ll take just one of these to mention how much I like what he looks like without his clothes on. He’s kind of hot. (Children avert your eyes.)
  29. The way I feel when his hands are on me.
  30. He looks pretty good clothed also.
  31. His appreciation of absurdity.
  32. The way his mind works in completely different ways from anyone else.
  33.  How he can cut through a seemingly complex issue to what’s really important.
  34.  He doesn’t spend hours watching sports.
  35. I know I can trust him.

Happy Birthday Aaron, I love you. I pray this year you would see the desires of your heart fulfilled.

Oh, and happy Love Thursday everyone else.

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    3 thoughts on “35 Reasons I’m Thankful for my Husband

    1. Once you have had the Blue, nothing else will do.

      Ditto on the use of words, building up as apposed to braking down, ability to cut to what's important, the sense of pride in being depended on…etc. I know I have learned a lot from him and. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn't for him. That being said, I won't comment on clothed/unclothed, greying hair (thanks for keeping it to just the chest and temples). Oh wait, I just did. Get some hot stuff. Your the only man I ever loved. JK.

      Thank you for taking your life and everything about it seriously, while at the same time being confident enough to let all that is not important truly go.

      May you ask big and get more.

      We love you.

    2. 20. Sticks out to me! Everytime Roy leaves for extended training or deployment the very first thoughts in my head are "Please dont let there be a flood, Roy is not here and I don't live by Aaron Blue anymore :("

      So very blessed to have you guys as friends! Happy Birthday Aaron!

    3. Your husband sounds like an incredible man. Thanks for telling us we can "steal" this idea–I love it! What a beautiful way to celebrate someone's life!

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