Weekends are Eventful

So, all week we sit around at home and do stuff like school and house work and, well, work. Then comes the weekend which is often very full and eventful and we are never home and I want a weekend come Monday to recover from the fun we had.

This weekend started with Aaron’s birthday party Friday night. I remembered to take pictures of the cake before it was devoured this time.

Aren’t these flags cute? I got them on Etsy.com of course, Lady Bug Suebee’s shop. They are fabric and will last for many parties to come. I think I’ll get a few more and have decorating taken care of from now on.

His idea of a good time is to make some insanely good food for all of his friends and family to come and eat. In this case, north African style roast lamb, and jerk chicken.

I forgot to take pictures of all the food spread out. Or the cooking, or everyone sitting around the fire. Bad at photo blogging, better at enjoying things, I hope. This is the view of Beema’s house from the fire, and one of the many dogs.

I did get the cake ceremony.

One of these days I will post the recipe for this cake. I invented it just for Aaron one year, because of his love of all things key lime flavored. It’s very labor intensive, due to the zesting of an entire bag of limes per recipe, but really, really good. With the exception of key lime cupcakes a few years ago, I’ve made him this cake every year since.

Then there was work to finish. I finished the quilt I was working on late into the night, talking to my SIL, and gave it away to Hannah as a very belated birthday gift. I forgot to take pictures of that too. Someday.

Then the girls all got henna tattoos Saturday morning. Which I also have no pictures of. Aunty Kallee learned the art of henna in India, and now does henna for parties and stuff. Unless you’re her nieces, then you can get henna’d for free.

We always spend the night at Beema’s, so Saturday was spent cleaning up from the party and making food for the next one.

Sunday Hannah, our big girl, threw a party. You see, when her dad died, she inherited his house. He’d been sick a long time, and there are sad memories there. So she decided it was time to make what is now her house into a happy place, with good memories again. Thus the party. It was an honor to have fun together for such a worthy cause.

And we did have fun.

All this, BTW, is an explanation of why I so rarely post on Mondays anymore. I’m too tired to think, let alone write. I’m just trying to recover from all that running around and leaving home and stuff.

Weekends are good, and full of fun things and people we love. I’m grateful for the blessings, even when worn out by them. 

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