Big Day for the Boy

This was taken just after the Boy was baptized yesterday. Here in CA that kind of thing usually happens outside, and there may just be a Mexican food buffet to eat when it’s all done.

I’ll let him tell you why. This is what he read before they dunked him.

Baptism tells the story of how how first your spirit was dead and then it was alive because you are then one of God’s children and you are free people. Jesus died and came alive again so he could put his spirit in you you and give you his life.

I am alive right now, the Holy Spirit is alive in me and I just want to show that I am alive and that I’m one of God’s children.

What it means to be God’s children is to teach the whole world about God and about who he is by loving them and being kind and patient and helpful. By doing what he tells you to do to fix the broken world.

That pretty much sums it up, don’t you think?

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