What is Worship?

Aaron and I have some ongoing discussions, the kind that haven’t ended yet and we’ve been at it for all 10 years of our marriage. One of them is our discussion of church songs and how people tend to give more thought to what kind of toaster to buy (his words) than what it is they are choosing to teach through song words on a Sunday morning. Songs usually get chosen for the tune and the beat and the popularity, but what about what they teach?

I tell you that so that you will know that this post I guest wrote for Brooke, Now is the Time, is as much Aaron’s as mine since it comes out of the endless discussion we have on the subject as we try to understand together what is worship, what is prayer, and what place do songs and music have in that? So go ahead and go read it if you’d like to know a bit of what I think about such things.

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