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Imagine kissing your kids goodbye, checking their backpacks and school uniforms, and sending them on their way to school. You watch and wave and they head off down the road.

Only, you have almost 40 kids, and the road they walk 3-4 miles on, there and back, is a more like a secondary highway, with no shoulder, and no sidewalks, and this is Thailand where people drive, well, let’s just say they believe that they are coming back again if they die and aren’t as cautious as we in the west might think appropriate.

Then imagine one of your kids gets sick in the middle of the night and needs to get to a hospital. Only, you have no car that can take them. Instead you have to hire a truck and a driver to take you there, and back again later. This eats into your already very limited resources for basic things like food and water, not to mention medical bills.

Now imagine that one day one of your kids, on that road walking to school, is hit by a person on a motorcycle and has a broken arm. Now you have to hire a truck to get your child to a hospital, pay the medical bills and worry that someone will show up on your door and accuse you of negligence, since a child was injured in your care, and take away all your kids.

Except, we’re not imagining anymore. This is real. A child really was hurt and this is a problem. The kids in the Charis Home walk to school every day on this road, and every day they are in danger of being hurt.

We need a truck, something to use to drive the children safely to school, to haul rice, to get kids to the hospital. We can buy one for about $6000 US.

This has been a need for a long time, and we have been asking for help, but we haven’t gotten very much response this time I’m afraid. So we’re turning to you, dear internet, and all the people who are out there who care and can help spread the word.

It would be such an answer to prayer if when Aaron goes back to Thailand on June 15 he could take enough with him to purchase a truck, and end one of the biggest worries we have over the kids safety.

If you can give, please click the link.

If you can blog and tweet about it please do that. Please help us to keep these kids safe on the way to school everyday.

(I know, how could this be safer? But it is. It’s how everyone in Thailand gets around.)

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