7 Quick Takes Friday-the pregnant edition

1. My SIL did some mendhi art on my belly recently. It was lovely to have a reason to just lie still and relax for a while as she worked and we waited for it to dry. (Except for the bathroom break part, that was tricky.) The stain lasts for a couple of weeks and then gradually wears off.

2. I forgot to tell you all about a party we went to last month for a friend’s 50th birthday. We were all supposed to dress French in keeping with the party’s theme. I couldn’t think of anyway to dress french, other than wear couture and look a great deal more stylish and slim than I am. So I googled French Costumes. You can guess what came up.

Well, this is me as the knocked-up French maid. Because that’s what can happen after you get yourself into one of those other “French costumes”, dontcha know?

3. I’ve never retained water before. This time my ankles are gigantic. No I don’t have a photo. But the words bulbous and elephantine have been used by people upon viewing them. I have new sympathy for anyone else dealing with this. Which is about the only good thing I can think of that can come out of it.

4. Now that we’re in a house, with a washing machine, and a clothesline that Aaron put up for me, I’m able to cloth diaper again. (I was so excited to take my laundry out the laundry room door and stand on the step to hang it, all while within steps of my own kitchen where I could continue to cook while doing laundry. Living in a tiny apartment for 4 years will make you grateful for the smallest details, trust me.) When the Boy was born I was able to through a diaper service, but there aren’t any here which is why I haven’t done it since because laundromats and cloth diapers don’t mix well. So if you have any favorite brands, method, supply suggestions for me, please share. I’m hoping the baby shower will help me stock up on needed items, since I have pretty much everything else already.

5. Also, I haven’t purchased an infant car seat in years. We used the one we bought for the Boy for both the girls as well. It was $40 at Target. Wow have prices ever been inflated since then. It’s essentially the same product, so I don’t understand how people are suddenly willing to pay so much more for something that’s function and design hasn’t really changed a lot in the past decade. I can tell you this though, just because you bought it at Babies’R’Us for more than twice what the same product costs at Target will not make your baby safer. Just sayin’. You know. Some people apparently think otherwise, or they wouldn’t have such a ridiculous mark-up.

In the end we found a $50 seat at Walmart. They do have to pass all the same safety inspections to be able to sell them you know. Right? So why bother with the others?

6. Thanks to the litigious nature of this state, I have to be transferred to an obstetrician for my final month of care, because I had one C-section, 3 births ago. So I’m “high risk”. It’s so silly it’s laughable. I pushed out my last two children at home with midwives I’m so high risk. Not that there weren’t complications, but … well, read this if you really care about my opinion on the subject.

Today, I meet the OB for the first time. I’m due in two weeks. Little was already born at 37 weeks. I think it’s a tad last minute considering, but since I’m not relying on her to get this baby out, I don’t really care. I just think the whole thing is comic at this point.

7. I’ve always wanted to know what would happen if a woman, who was not getting the kind of care she requested while in labor, stood up in the middle of it, and said, “Ok then, I’ll just go home and have my baby there.”

The scene in my brain plays it out as a wonderful comic moment as all of the medical staff react with disbelief and consternation to such a statement, and then scramble to figure out what to do while she calmly heads toward the exit.

Well, that was fun. I expect that the next 7 Quick Takes Friday for me will be with a newborn. My ankles and feet sure hope so.

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7 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday-the pregnant edition

  1. Having had 3 c-sections (I was high risk for genetic reasons before ever being pregnant, one midwife told me she couldn't touch me with a twenty-foot pole), I've always delivered with a regular ob. You might have thought they would have told you this up front so that you could have met the OB before now…oh well, I will never forget my cousin having this wonderful pregnancy and a great midwife and then at 36 weeks developing HELLP and being rushed by ambulance to the hospital for an emergency c-section. The first time she met the doctor was in the OR. So, I guess it could be worse!

  2. All the best with the upcoming birth…I hope it all goes perfectly. Can't wait to read the news 🙂

  3. I haven't been here in so long I didn't realize you were so far along. The belly art is FABULOUS. I am glad to see you doing so well. And as a person who had elephantine ankles for all 3 pregnancies, I am sorry my dear. You're ankle bones and you will be reunited before you know it.

  4. You are looking gorgeous, darling – ankles not withstanding. Love the Mehendi – Kal? She's such the artist!
    Praying for a fantastic birth. Go for what you want and don't let anyone tell you differently. If anyone could walk out of a hospital mid-labor, it's you! Smiling and sending you cyber hugs, pais

  5. I LOVE the art on your belly!!

    Unfortunately, based on things I've seen in my town, I think what would happen here to the woman who stood up and did that would not be pretty…

    As a doula, for example, I once had a client whom they had laboring in bed simply because her water had broken. She had recently been checked, so we knew that the baby was at 0 station, head fully engaged, and doing fine. No danger of a prolapsed cord with that baby's head plugging the cervix like a cork, so it was ridiculous that she was kept in bed for that reason. Reality was that the nurses there just find patients more convenient in bed, and try very hard by several means to keep them there.) The mom chose not make an issue of it , though, because she was laboring nicely in bed then anyway.
    However, when she had to urinate and the nurse insisted that this mom stay in bed and use a bedpan, the mom said that she found the bedpan unnecessarily humiliating and just wanted to walk a few steps to the bathroom. (Remember the facts? Baby fully engaged at 0 station, effectively corking cervix, all signs fine.) Nurse says, "No! You CAN'T get out of bed. With your water broken, the cord could prolapse, even with just a few steps and your BABY WOULD DIE. I've SEEN it happen. You don't want to risk having your baby DIE, do you?" All this for wanting to go a few steps to the bathroom. Extrapolating from there, I can only imagine the scene if she walked out!

    I wish you a birth that is healthy, peaceful and beautiful -that is, arriving at the best birth possible for this time as you move along through whatever circumstances this unique labor's path gives you, simply choosing the best thing you can at each juncture that may arise along the way.

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