holy experience

Playing battle ship with the Boy.

More roses than vases to put them in from GG’s house.

The Girl’s “hide the flower” game that she made up for me to play with her.

The elaborate pretend games that keep my kids busy together for hours at a time.

The Girl’s “new” boots that she wears everywhere. ($5 leather gap boots at the thrift store.)

The way I can see my belly move now when Jellybean moves.

Little was complaining one day while trying to do something hard. The Boy ran over to her and started bowing repeatedly while saying, “Boy here, at your service.”

How proud the Boy was of his $1 purchase of 3 water guns, one for him and one for each sister. “Because it’s getting warmer now mom and we can play with them.”

Rubbing noses with the girl as she smiles up at me, smelling of watermelon.

Watching a humming bird out the kitchen window while doing dishes.

Little laying on her belly on the floor coloring while her feet dangle in the air.

Girls sitting side by side on the couch looking at a picture book together.

Hanging laundry on the clothesline Aaron put up for me just outside the laundry room door.

Porch Swings.



Swimming Pool

Floaties to help her be brave.

Sunsets at the Beach

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