The Birth of Jellybean-Part I

 It starts Sunday night. At least, I’m hoping it’s a start. They could be real contractions, but it’s so mild I can’t really tell. The hospital monitor showed several while I was in there two weeks ago but I haven’t felt any of them. Whatever is going on, I sleep quite easily that night, a welcome change from all the getting up and going to the bathroom, or walking off leg cramps, or taking care of Little when she wakes and calls for me.

Monday there are contractions. But there are things to get done. We need to go and get supplies for a birthday cake. I need to finish assembling the birth kit. I deal with contractions all day but they aren’t enough to stop me.

Yes, I’m planning a home birth. In a way I’d always been planning a home birth, I just didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t want to hear all of the doubt filled nay-saying that would inevitably come. Aaron and I are quite comfortable to stay home unless it becomes obvious that we need the help of a hospital. My MIL, (milly) the best doula ever, is on board with that, but slightly more nervous.

Two weeks ago she talked to Michelle, and she asked after me and the baby. Michelle was our midwife when Little was born. She was also present at the births of the last three of Aaron’s siblings, 15, 17, and 19 years ago now. She is forever intertwined with our family and birthing babies. Milly tells her our plans and she says, “I told her, she must not have heard me, if she wants me to come, I’ll come. Just tell her to call me.”

Michelle doesn’t work for free, one can hardly expect her to. She has a living to make, and her skills are invaluable at twice the price, still less than a day in the hospital. I’m overwhelmed at the offer. I go to see her right away, and order the birth kit, which I had sort of forgotten might be useful to have on hand.

With cake supplies procured we head home and I bag and label the clothes for the baby, stuff for me, blankets and towels to warm etc. Then I make soup and salad for dinner. I’m cleaning out the fridge, just in case. There are more contractions.

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One thought on “The Birth of Jellybean-Part I

  1. Michelle is the BEST!!! So glad you went for a home water birth. It's not like you to let the "establishment" tell you what to do. 🙂 Who was your doula? Ours was always Amy P. She's wonderful. Just curious.

    Can't wait to read more. So glad Milly was there for the birth – did you know that when she was there for Sher Bears birth it was the first she'd viewed? So cool!

    Hugs to all of you!

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