One Thousand Gifts-Week Whatever, New Baby

holy experience

Catching my own baby as he was born with the loving support of family and friends nearby.

Michelle, our midwife and friend, coming to help at the end for free.

The Girl putting her hand gently on my head as I lay in the car to comfort me every time I had a contraction on the drive to Beema’s house.

Falling asleep exhausted with him and waking to find every detail taken care of and attended to.

The big kids quietly sneaking into the bedroom one at a time in the morning to get their first look at their new baby brother.

The girls placing little tiny vases with flowers they picked at my bedside while I slept.

Family who will take their whole day off to come and meet the new baby, and help the bigger kids bake him a birthday cake while the rest of us rested.

A tireless, tireless mother in law who not only gave up her bedroom so I could have a baby in there, and attended me all night in labor, but took care of my children for another 3 days while I rested and made sure I had everything I could possibly need during that time.

A strong husband.

Caring friends who arrive with perfect gifts and meals, and even better, stuff for the big brother and sisters to play with that keep them busy for hours. Like Lego pirate ships.

A youngest brother in law who leaves a night of fun at a friend’s house to come home and help take care of his nieces and nephews.

Little pulling up a stool next to where I sit nursing the baby with a pile of books to “read” to him.

Baby snuffles and “kisses.”

That expression on the Boy’s face as he holds his baby brother for the first time.

I feel good, strong even.

Little singing her made up song about “all the animals in the forest” in the car.

The way the Girl understands how to actually help now, and does what is needed, even if it’s not as exciting.

Watching Aaron with his son.


This family I have been given, all of them.

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11 thoughts on “One Thousand Gifts-Week Whatever, New Baby

  1. I am so full of joy for you! Really…I find it a little strange myself since we've never met. But I'm so happy you were able to have such a wonderful birth. New babies…what special, wonderful joy.

  2. Precious. Your post brings back so many treasured memories of our 6 children and all the love surrounding each one of their births. I especially love that pic of your proud big boy holding his new brother. Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Your list brings tears to my eyes. What a great, great blessing…a new baby! I rejoice with you. I want another one…

  4. oh blessed Redeemer you are so good to my friend and her family. bless this new little one who is your son as well.

    congrats carrien!!!

    love esther

    ps he is BEAUTIFUL!!

  5. Congratulations on your gorgeous new little love. It is wonderful wonderful wonderful to read about your joy and God's sweet blessings to you:)

  6. Awwww!!! How sweet!! I am in tears here. Pregnant after miscarrying and it's been rough. Thank you for these, I need to look more on the joy and less on the loss.

    Can't wait to read your birth story. Hope I get to it today!!

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