I can see my feet,

and they are a whole lot smaller too.

For those of you not on Twitter or facebook, Jellybean was born Tuesday morning, Aug. 10, at 4:05. 8lb 11oz, 20 7/8 inches long.

I’m working on putting together the whole story soon with pictures.

In the meantime….

Just look at that face.

Also, he needs a blog name. His real name means “give thanks God is with us”. Not sure what to call him here. I’m taking suggestions.

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7 thoughts on “I can see my feet,

  1. Awesome!!! I stopped over one day and saw your twitter thingey on the sidebar. Congratulations!! As for a name, you already have a Boy, a Girl, and a Little. How about Little Too, or just Too? Littler? Jellybean works too. 🙂

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