It’s been hard to find time to write lately. I’m trying to organize our new school schedule, Aaron leaves again for Thailand tomorrow, we finally finished all the unpacking, we had a baby shower, oh yeah, and I have a newborn. Though, truthfully, he is the most chill baby ever. I just put him down on the bed a while ago, because I needed to go to the bathroom, and then I wandered off and got busy and literally forgot about him lying there in the bedroom. He didn’t make a sound. When I remembered he was in there I thought he must have surely fallen asleep, but no, he was just looking around at stuff, wide awake. So I left him there a while longer and got stuff done.

Anyway, my fabulous friend Shannon organized other fabulous friends and family to help out and throw a baby shower last weekend. Here are some photos. And you sort of get  to see our new house in it as well. (There dad, yah happy? I tell you, once your parents find out about your blog they get so demanding, especially if they live in another country and don’t see the grandkids very often. I keep telling him about facebook, pretty much everyone else is better at posting current pictures of my kids than I am there too.)

But I digress. Here are photos.

The lovely Shannon
my mil’s floral arrangement ideas.

Some of the fab food.
Milly also thought up using the potty as a place for the diaper fund.
I had lots of help opening presents.
lots and lots of help.

The piano became a temporary art station for writing favorite songs to sing to kids to add to the song book as a surprise for me.

more fun decorations

Post party-the guys hang out
gratuitous sweetness

Did I mention that 2 days prior my Milly and a team of people showed up to help with the last of the unpacking and get my house in order? I feel so loved.

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  1. What a CUTE baby! Cutey cutey cutey cutey! And it looks like a sweet baby shower. And is that Little? Goodness she's big!