One Thousand Gifts-Week 52

holy experience

It’s hard to keep this list going when I’m weary, work is piling up, I feel behind, and situations have me discouraged. It’s when I feel like quitting and just hiding in a hole somewhere for a while that I most need to look up and see the gifts all around. So I am trying to do that. Here are a few.


One of my very best friends is coming next month to visit for a week. It’s fun to look forward to it.

The Girl laughing as Grace sprays her with the garden hose.

A quiet afternoon to focus on a specific project.

The return of Beema and the aunts and uncles from their month away.

A table full of children engrossed in drawing.

Pigeons in flight.

Quiet, unhurried conversation with the man I married.

The girls with heads bent together over a single coloring book page they are coloring together.

Noticing again how very good the Boy is at drawing.

Jellybean’s face when he stands on my lap.

Diapers hanging in a row on the clothesline.

Roasted cauliflower with butter.

All the kids in bed together reading.

The Boy’s plans for his birthday party next week. (Breakfast sausage and waffles for dinner.)

How loved I am.

Little carrying her “little baby puppy” around in her sling.

The Girl puts food on my plate for me while I’m holding Jellybean.

Clouds shaped like horses.

Jellybean yells and grunts like a boy.

The gratitude community is here.

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