4 months

It feels like you have always been here. It feels like time is going too fast and you are growing so quickly.

You laugh now. We pivot around the sound, all pausing to listen and watch as the sound breaks from your little chest. We stop everything to make you do it again, and again, and again.

You seem to like it best when you are startled. A sibling popping close to say “boo”. A towel or pillow case snapping in your field of vision. You stiffen in surprise, consider for half a second, and then giggle in a way that almost sounds like a hiccup.

But you also laugh for people when they are just silly. It’s like you already have a sense of humor and can tell the difference between regular interaction and silliness for your benefit.

You are getting stronger. You can lift your head off your car seat. You arch your back, and kick your feet and I’m sure rolling over is not that far away.

You kick, and kick. It’s so exciting. One night I was talking to you about your kicking, telling you how fast you are. You responded by staring off at the ceiling and kicking even faster and harder. Almost like you understood me and wanted to show off.

I laughed so hard. You reminded me of little boys who make sound effects to help them run faster.

I think you are very handsome with your chubby boy cheeks and long lashes. But then I’m probably biased because you look so much like your daddy, and I happen to think he is very handsome also.

You have a cold right now. You are very patient about it considering all of the extra snot and discomfort you are going through. This the is first you have ever really fussed. It’s about on par with how much Little fussed all the time.

I hope this good natured disposition stays with you as you grow up.

You grab things now, trying to figure out how to get them to your mouth. Except, you only ever manage to get your fist in there. The funniest is when you grab on fist with the other, pull toward your mouth, and then stick the grabbing fist in your mouth. Soon you’ll figure out how to rotate your wrist and get the thing you are holding to your lips. That will be exciting I”m sure.

I would say more but you are fussy again. So I’ll hold you and rock instead.

I love you. You bring so much laughter to my life.

Your mama.

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