Kitchen flow

dried hydrangeas and a miniature teacup
a sprig of oak from a nature walk

So I’m taking a short break from telling you all about the kids in Thailand that need your help. Even though they do still really need you help. We’ve had 3 new supporters sign up in a week, which is awesome. It’s a little short of the 300 we’re hoping to get by the end of this month though.

Normal people are probably trying to finish baking and gift purchasing and I’m trying to figure out how to feed, clothe and house a bunch of orphans for another year and package up the donated Christmas gifts we’re sending. Is this, or is it not, a first world problem? I dunno.

Anyway, I digress. We’re talking about my kitchen. This post is inspired by Leila of Like Mother, Like Daughter, and her series on the reasonably clean house, and kitchen.

She invited everyone to share their pretty sink and how it works in their kitchen.

Aaron bought me this in Bali. I love it. It’s such a tender moment
Look how sweet and intimate her little kiss on his cheek is. This makes me smile.

Here’s mine.

I shot this while the Girl was doing her morning job of unloading the dishwasher.

I love the kitchen in this house. And not just because of the double oven and 5 burner gas range, not pictured. It’s so bright and roomy and well organized.

with the cupboards open

Here it is with the cupboards open. The flow is left to right. Dirty things go one the left side of the counter and either to the dish rack on the right once clean or to the dishwasher. The Girl empties the dishes and stacks them on the counter then uses the step stool to put them in the cupboard. Plates and cutlery are in the cupboard and drawer to the right of the sink, which is a close as I can get them and makes it easier for short people to set the table and put things away. Pots and pans are farther left right underneath the range top for saved steps while cooking.

I like this arrangement a lot. It works for us.

Here’s my question for everyone. I want some kind of curtain/window dressing there. But I don’t want to reduce the light, and I want that wood scroll work detail to stand out if possible. There are brackets up, but no rod. I’ve been staring at it for 4 months now and still have no idea. Anyone want to tell me what to put there?

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8 thoughts on “Kitchen flow

  1. Pretty, I love hydrangeas. I'm not sure what to hang up…maybe just a short, decorative, lacy curtain that still allows the sunlight in?

  2. I love your pretty decorations! Hydrangea is so beautiful, and it looks wonderful against that clock face.

    My window is a lot like yours, and I too did not want to block any light, so I just go with a little valance. Of course, in summer I put up a curtain to keep out the heat.

    I love the detail of the wood there. You could put the valance behind that rather than over the window…

  3. If you put a little valance right behind the scroll work, so it looks like a short skirt, that might soften the space, highlight the wood work, and still let in plenty of light.

    Of course, I'm a woman who tosses tablecloths up on my windows at a moment's notice, so I might not be the person to turn to for decorating advice. 🙂

    I love the hydrangeas, too. Your kitchen space is wonderful.

  4. Beautiful! I like your idea of wood scroll-work. I'd love to have, too.

    Linking up from Like Mother, Like Daughter.

    Have a lovely week, Tamara

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