Random and Cute

I changed a poopy diaper this morning, cloth so I had to scrub it out afterwards, and this afternoon I still smell poo somehow, even after washing my hands 100 times or more.

I’ve been working on this presentation still, all week long. It’s getting closer, it’s much better, but it’s still not done. We’ve got less than 2 weeks to get it ready now. I have to have the stuff for the printer finalized today.

I’m making some sort of desert to take to dinner tonight at my mil’s. I think I shall just pick up ice cream and cones on the way and call it done.

The Girl on the other hand is showing me pictures of elaborate desserts in gourmet cookbooks and wants to make one of those. Her favorite the one where you blow up balloons and dip them in melted chocolate. When the chocolate hardens again you pop the balloon and you have solid chocolate bowls to put stuff in. I doubt we’re going to pull that off in the next hour and a half. Especially since we don’t have any more chocolate in the house. (How did such a travesty even occur? Oh right, I may have been stress eating a bit this week.)

So in lieu of a real post, you get this random collection of thoughts. But, A dear friend just posted a bunch of pictures she took at Aaron’s birthday party 2 weeks ago, so I’m stealing them to put up here so you can see too. Observe the sweetness.

Playing with his boy

I’m going to be working most of the weekend so let me live vicariously. What are you doing this weekend?

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