7 quick takes

Look at that, another whole week has gone by and I haven’t posted at all. Not that I haven’t had several ideas for posts or even started writing some, only to find they require more attention than I have time to give. This week has gone so fast. Yesterday I looked at Aaron and asked, is it really Thursday tomorrow? What happened to the week? Time does that to you when you’re trying to meet a deadline I suppose.

And I missed the memes I sometimes do that fill in the spaces, 1000 gifts and pretty happy funny real. So, lucky you, you get a Friday mishmash of both of those all smashed into 7 quick takes. I know, you’re thrilled. I promise, I’ll write again when I’m finished creating projections for future milestones for implementing microfinance as a form of income and community transformation in a self-sustaining orphanage model. (hint: I’m not really sure what order these need to go in. Hoping to look knowledgeable and on top of things enough to attract an adviser who can help turn ideas into concrete plans. I’m waiting to hear back from the team on this one.)

Ok, enough of the never ending presentation prep.

1. On Friday at Aaron’s parents house his mom was holding the baby near the kitchen sink. She turned it on suddenly and he burst out laughing. So she did it again, turned it on, and turned it off again right away, and he busted out giggling again. So she did it again, and again… each time he laughed. Soon we were all laughing and gradually, one at a time, the whole family gathered in the kitchen to watch him laugh so hard he was sagging, drunk looking by the time he stopped. You can bet that made it into the #1000gifts journal.

2. It rained 2 days this week and so Aaron couldn’t work. It was awesome having him home, the kids loved it, and I loved having someone to talk to and help me with work. He got stuff from almost but not quite ever done to all the way done while he was home. It was awesome.

3. One of the things we got done this week was updating our guidestar profile. It’s like our baby is all growed up and a real live entity.

4. I’m thinking about writing a post on how morality is just too small a goal for our children. Think about it. If we only focus on avoiding bad behavior but never give them a story big and exciting enough to inspire them to good behavior then we’re setting them up to fail. For example. What’s better, telling boys to avert their eyes to avoid being tempted by women dressed immodestly, by whatever standard we determine that, or telling them that each woman they see is their sister and it’s their job to defend them, their honor, their dignity, and their lives? I think that if they are busy doing the second that first won’t be much of a problem for them.

5. Aaron’s sister Haven has been writing songs for a long time but just recently she started playing public concerts. Her last gig was at a coffee shop near the beach, and early enough that we could take the kids along to go and see her. It was like a huge reunion, friends we have known for ages and ages, all gathered in to crowd the place out. I’m hoping she’ll let me shoot video of her playing one of the songs so I have it. It’s a bit of an ear worm and I’ve been humming it all week.

boy in his bouncer watching his auntie sing

6. While at the concert I looked across the room to see Aaron’s youngest sister, who just turned 18 this month holding her camera with the big lenses for the Girl to see and shoot through. It was a totally sweet moment, it would have made a good picture too. Also, I loved having all the people around who wanted to hold the baby, He loved the attention, I love the rest it gave my arms. The boy is heavy now, and squirmy.

7. He’s figured out how to swing when he’s bouncing, and even in our very wide doorframe he can get himself over to the sides now. Tonight he looked like a parachutist, gripping a strap in each hand and taking a run at it before leaving the floor and swinging out and back again. He started to slow down again and then dropped off, a little bit at a time, until he was passed out hanging in the bouncer, head rolled back. He looked a lot like the guy who drank to much at the frat party, only cuter, and he already had a diaper on in case of accidents.

There you go, more random for your reading pleasure. I hope you will forgive me for not writing actual stories rather than snippets. Soon… I hope. I figure if I just keep showing pictures of that adorable face you’ll be satisfied for now.

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5 thoughts on “7 quick takes

  1. Those are 7 awesome moments of gratitude.  I love laughing because babies laugh…it just makes the whole world better. And that swinging in the bouncer thing? Awesome! As for #4 all I can say is: AMEN.

  2. On # 5 – I've been able to get some half-way decent sounding recordings using both an iphone and an older feature phone.  The key there is keeping the phone around three feet away and close to the level of the head of the person singing.  The quality is comparable to what I can get out of the on-board microphone of my digital 4-track.  -just a thought

  3.  Oh, should have mentioned the desired height of the phone also depends on how loud the person is singing.  I tend to be a quieter singer.

  4. Thanks. I don't have an iphone but my MIL does. We should be able to work
    something out. Haven is a pretty loud singer so we'll have to expermiment.
    She can be heard in a packed coffee shop over everyone talking.

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