Music Geekery

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It warms my heart that my kids are geeky enough to notice details like this. Next time I will make them tell you about it so you can hear them get excited. Also, from what I can tell, humming the themes to epic movies make building things with Legos go better. Also, math homework.

The Girl is now learning from the Boy how to play the LOTR theme on piano. We live with an adventure soundtrack around here. What can I say?

PS. I should point out that on the word “night” the LOTR theme and Moondance go their separate ways, one going up while the other goes down and reuniting momentarily about a measure later. Just so you know that I know that for a measure or two after the opening they aren’t “exactly” the same notes. I have no idea where my kids get their geekery from. It’s a total mystery, no?

pps. I sang the wrong song you guys! At the beginning of the video when I meant to sing the LOTR song I sang Star Wars instead. Here is the necessary video correction.

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5 thoughts on “Music Geekery

  1. I absolutely loved this post. Not sure if I was more impressed by the fact that you make a vlog, or that your boy is so clever, or that it was interesting trivia, or that your voice is different to what I expected but so nice, or that you sang. I like 🙂

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