kids and music

Music Geekery

(subscribers click through to see video) It warms my heart that my kids are geeky enough to notice details like this. Next time I will make them tell you about it so you can hear them get excited. Also, from what I can tell, humming the themes to epic movies […]

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A proud parenting moment

Actual conversation at the dinner table tonight. I am too busy to make salad. I place a bowl of raw thin cut green cabbage on the table to supplement the warmed up chicken curry and rice from last night. It is completely unadorned. Boy:MMM this cabbage tastes really good mommy, […]

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On Music

Our local library has free concerts every month by local artists. We go, and take all of the kids. It’s free, so no one can get too annoyed when they are children, and occasionally disruptive, and it’s free, so we can afford to take them. Where else will they learn […]

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