I think I’ve forgotten how to write

I don’t know what else to say when I come to this space besides, “Hey, look what I did over there, and there, and there. Oh and check out my to do list, impressive no?”

Sorry. I’m becoming a workaholic. Ask me the last time I went to bed before 1am. Actually, I hope tonight will be the first time in a while that I did. Yes, that does mean I even worked Thanksgiving Day. We were a bit late because I spent all morning stocking the virtual store.

But some of the things we did in the name of work last week were fun. We went on a few photo shoots for instance.

Sara and I pretended like we were directors and stylists and our kids and friends and family pretended like they were models, and also took pictures, and some of them turned out really fantastic and we have shots for the store now.

Maybe it would be fun for you to see them too? My SIL’s are so pretty. The BIL’s aren’t bad looking either. And the rest, also pretty.

I got to be the fun mom for a change and let the kids don wetsuits and run around in the surf while we took photos.

I did also manage to squeeze in time to have many friends over to visit last week, even though I eventually picked up the laptop and started working at some point with most of them.

Brenda came on Tuesday, and turned my office from a piled up dumping ground of everything we brought back from the benefit concert into  lovely workspace again. And she lovingly packaged each T-shirt for storage and shipping so now they are really cute.

She amazing at stuff like that. I’ll show you before and after photos this week, I promise. I wish she could stay for a week sometime. We also interviewed Secret Agent Josephine herself and we’ll let you in on some top secret super spy secrets Wednesday.

My friend Erin came for dinner with her husband and the cutest most cherubic children ever. I forgot to take a picture of them, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Erin is one of those fantastic people that those who don’t have friends like her wish often that they did. The day we met I broke the handle on her dad’s truck door. I’m smooth like that.

We’ve rarely had time together in the same place for long, but our visits are always wonderful. A few months ago, a week before the birth of her 3rd child I might add, I received an odd sort of package in the mail from her. It contained, felted yarn balls, the softest cloth baby wipes ever in a container, and pretty stationary. If you don’t follow me on twitter this won’t make sense to you but if you do, and have a long memory… I have mentioned cutting apart old flannel crib sheets for make do baby wipes, and cloth diapering and once even bemoaned the shortage of good stationary when I look online. I guess that doesn’t make sense of the felted yarn balls yet.

Erin discovered somehow that if you put 8 balls of yarn in the dryer it cuts the drying time way down, which is very useful when you are cloth diapering and all. So I had to try it. I put a down duvet in the dryer with these balls and it was completely dry with only one cycle!

Basically, she a quiet little wish fulfiller. I kept meaning to get it all together again and take a photo to show you, but I figured I’d better tell you instead what a fantastic friend she is and how much fun it was to get her package in the mail.

And there were more friends, but I’ll have to tell you about them later, Bam Bam is crying. Goodnight friends.

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  1. 🙂 lovely to catch up with you a bit… wow, you're busy! and erin sounds like a very lovely wonderful friend indeed.  i'm glad you have friends like that! 🙂 jessica

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