L is for she LAUGHS at the days- an interview with Secret Agent Josephine

After a long career as a super spy Secret Agent Josephine is now coming forward to tell her story in this colorful set of illustrated children’s books written by Brenda Ponnay aka Secret Agent Josephine.

They are available in any e-reader format and hardcopy.

I’ve been reading about Secret Agent Josephine’s adventures long enough to remember when she originally created the alphabet book as flash cards for her own baby Bug to learn with. Of course, as she showed us all the pictures one at a time as they were created, she generously shared with everyone else. Once upon a time you could get the alphabet Secret Agent Josephine style for free.

She’s the most generous super spy I know, and blogger.

Now you can get it for only $2.99 on your super spy reading devices, like a kindle or iPad.

Even my big kids were enthralled with these books. It was evening and the light was awful when I showed them these but I grabbed some shots of them reading nonetheless.  

(The next morning they again poured over the pages and spent the next several days inventing new spy gadgets.)

A toy laptop made from a free printable and a wipes container! How awesome is that?

 This was after we cleaned up the office, and by we, I mean Brenda worked her super agent magic.

This is before.

In our defense we had just finished the benefit concert and this was all the stuff we brought back and unloaded at midnight.

And this is after.

It was dark already when I took this photo. The last swallow of summer is winging his way over the horizon.

See, she has super powers.

As informative as the books are, they don’t tell the whole Secret Agent Josephine story. That’s coming in future books. But we decided to interview her to give you a sneak peek. What follows is a top secret transmission that we now have permission to make public.

[transmission begins]
Dear Secret Agent Josephine,

How did you become a spy?

I was recruited on the playground. They noticed my stealthy mothering skills and the fact that I carry a battery-operated glue gun in my purse for fixing things like broken drinking fountains and little girl’s headbands.

Do you like being a spy?

Of course!

What is your favorite spy gadget?

The ejector seat.

Are you always spying on people or do you sometimes get to just take a bubble bath?

I’m always thinking like a spy but I take breaks from pulling off spy missions and such. I have to be a real mom when I’m home.

What is your favorite place in the world to visit?


Your favorite food?

Spicy Thai Noodles

Who do you work for?

That’s classified.

Do you always work alone?

Usually but sometimes the agency has me work with other partners.  It depends on the job.

Do you help invent your spy gadgets or does someone do it for you?

I help out a lot with research and development of new spy gadgets. The agency has me test new things as they invent them.  I’m also very crafty by nature so I’ll make up my own spy gadgets in a pinch and then hand off my invention to the agency to improve.

These are things we’d like to know.

Glad to help! [end transmission]

Did you know that there is an entire set of clues you can collect from the Secret Agent Josphine book tour. Each post, for each letter, has a secret clue in it. It’s not too late to play along. You can go to Brenda’s blog to find all the other posts wherein to search for clues.

You too, can be stealthy.

You can also win an alphabet print for yourself from the book

I have the letter L to give away.

If you would like to win this print just leave a comment below and I’ll choose winner by random number generator on Friday at midnight my time.

Seriously guys, these books are so cool, and Brenda is such a lovely person, I really hope you’ll put them on your shopping list this year. There aren’t many kids books available yet for e-readers, and these ones are really worth showing to your kids.

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18 thoughts on “L is for she LAUGHS at the days- an interview with Secret Agent Josephine

  1. I was also reading when SAJ was offering the flashcards.  I wish I had taken advantage and downloaded then

  2. I've already bought an e-book.  Love it!  I have a daughter whose name starts with L so I'd love to have a special L print for her!

  3. The two new books are already hiding in the closet (stealthily) waiting to surprise the children for Christmas.  

  4. SAJ is a lucky spy to have so many blogging friends to promote her new books on this stealthy book tour

  5. I ordered this book for Christmas for my two year old and I am way too excited to give it to her. Her name starts with the letter L and this would be perfect in her room!!!!

  6. A lively lion L would be lovely hanging in my jungle themed classroom. (It is also the first letter of my name!)

  7. Even though my kids are of the older variety, I am still excited for the books and colors has become a Christmas gift.  My daughter has long expressed that she wants to be an author and artist when she grows up and the inspiration Brenda gives her is much appreciated!

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