Urgent call for help

Do you remember when I told you about this big grant the we could be eligible for if only we could get enough votes to get to the second round?

We were doing really great for a while, holding steady at around 36 of the top 50. We’re down to 58th place and we have to get into the top 50 by November 8th in order to be reviewed for one of the grants they are awarding. One is $50,000!

The difference between 58th place and 50th is only 115 votes. I bet everyone will be scrambling this week to get as many votes as they can so please take a second, it’s literally a second and go and vote for us. Book mark it and then whenever you are in a different place with your smart phone or laptop go and vote again, it will let you. I just tried it at the orthodontist’s office.

Then if you could share a couple of times on facebook, twitter, and get us as many votes as we can get before next Tuesday. You guys already know how much this would help us out, but here’s a reminder.

We’re developing a model for self sustaining orphan care that not only gives the children a safe place to live and grow up but address the economic and social problems in the community that caused them to need to be placed at an orphanage in the first place. The more funding we have the sooner we can develop all the different phases of our model to get the whole thing up and running and replicable everywhere there is need.

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