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So thanks to Veronica Mitchell’s suggestion I am trying to do NaNoWriMo this month. Yeah, my odds of finishing a book while planning a benefit concert, single parenting while Aaron is on the road and trying to keep school current are low, but I make progress. In between I get to make executive decisions about things like which style of T-shirt to have printed. High V, low V, scoop neck? I’m the wrong person to ask.

Sorry to not be here so much.

I realized that I never posted pictured of the wedding, so I’m using those photos for this edition of Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real. (It was his brother’s wedding.)

It was a wedding, so there was a lot of pretty.

I made his bow tie.

This should probably go in funny but… It’s a lot of work getting 4 children all dressed up at once and doing hair and tying bows and wrestling Bam Bam into shoes. (How insulting, there was grass to walk in.) Fortunately the Boy can get himself dressed, but he couldn’t tie his bow tie himself. When I came out there were 3 groomsmen googling how to tie a bow tie on their smart phones and the father of the bride was fiddling around with it trying to remember how. Good thing I had already googled it the week before when I was making the thing so I could show them all how. 🙂

I’m really happy with how the cake turned out. That cake stand is actually a plant holder I bought at Big Lot’s for $12. Appropriate for a garden wedding, no?

Pretty auntie Haven watches Bam Bam for me for a second so I can sit down. Between the gorgeous pool, and the candles resting on the stairs and retaining walls, and the stairs, he required a lot of supervision/

For those who just love wedding photos go here to see the real ones, and lots more pretty.

These two.
The girl watching the bride and groom make their entrance.

This little guy.

All my boys together on the dance floor.

The Boy surprised us all by showing his breakdancing skills. They’re actually quite impressive.


I was trying to catch a shot of all the guys as they came down to the reception. My FIL decided to pose.


This is the closest we have to a photo with all of us in it, beside’s the giant official all extended family portrait.
We were all there, it was picturesque, the kids matched , we are all pretty, the camera was right there, and I DIDN’T EVEN THINK TO TAKE A FAMILY PHOTO. NOT ONE SINGLE SHOT WITH ALL OF US IN IT TOGETHER!

round button chicken

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5 thoughts on “Wedding Pictures

  1. The bow tie story is hilarious! My son loves a nice tie and really enjoys getting dressed up. It amazes even grown men at our church that he knows how to tie a tie by himself at eight years old! Bam Bam is so cute in his outfit, but your older boy is by far the most handsome.

  2. this was such a fun post… bow tie story was so funny and the pictures are beautiful.  a shame about no family photo… i know those can be hard to get!  hope you're managing ok with all that's on your plate right now.  jessica 

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