Of the Father’s Love Begotten

After a super fun day of preparing for and hosting the girl’s double, we were both born the week before Christmas, birthday party, I was telling Brenda that I had wanted to make a video for Neil Kramer’s Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert.

But since the deadline for entries was tonight, and I had a party to clean up after, a bunch of kids running around the house, ok, just my regular crew and Bug, hyped up on sugar, I didn’t figure I’d manage to shoot a video. (Of course I didn’t do it earlier in the month because hello, I have a non-profit to run, and they apparently suck all of the time you thought you would use to do other things all away in service of the never ending task list.)

She then promptly offered to shoot it for me.

We tried several times and each time about one verse in Bam Bam interrrupted, once by knocking over a drum, once by climbing into my lap, pulling down my shirt and nursing… He interrupts in this one too, but he’s far enough away that we just kept on going.

(If I look like I was up all night baking gingerbread here it’s because I was. The girls wanted a gingerbread house instead of a cake. But then I had to make enough for all their friends to have a house to decorate too.)

So here it is, a probably more realistic look at what it’s really like over here at our house and one of my favorite, not technically a Christmas Hymn but a beautiful old chant nevertheless, and I think it’s appropriate for the season anyway.

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6 thoughts on “Of the Father’s Love Begotten

  1. That's one of my favorite Christmas hymns! I've been singing it as a lullaby to both my girls since Annalie was a baby. (And yes, it's totally a Christmas hymn in my book.)

  2. That was beautiful! (I confess, though, that I had to pause it partway through–I thought I heard one of my own kids wailing in the background. I was happy to figure out that it was just yours!)

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