Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

I have a sleeping boy in my lap right now. He woke up from his nap still tired. It’s been a while since I just held a sleeping toddler. He’s very sweet. So I have a second to write a PHFR post.


Yeah, I like flowers.


My daily cup of tea.

I finally made granola again. They’re excited.

I am happy that Little is learning to wipe the table after breakfast.


Ok, these aren’t very funny by themselves. Aaron took these Thanksgiving day. I made that sweater for the Boy a decade ago. I just think it’s hilarious the way very small children will point at things as though the pointing will give them possession. “I can’t touch it yet, but if I could it would be mine.” Here he’s after the little dog at Beema’s house.


why my entryway is hardly ever ready for guests

Coloring and felt board before I made them pick it up.

Also real, the lack of any seasonal or adventish decorations in my house. I’m a little behind, didn’t even realize the season until yesterday. Maybe this weekend.

Little is waiting for me to read to her so I must go. Bye for now friends.

round button chicken

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2 thoughts on “Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

  1. i think i may need to make some granola again soon… mmmm!  i'm a bit behind on the advent/holiday season as well.  i did manage to play some christmas music today though, which my daughter enjoyed.  bless you. jessica 

  2. Luckily Advent is the longest it can be this year! Better late than never! Thanks for joining!

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