Beach camping

My dad came to visit last week from Canada, for the first time in 3 years!

Aaron was out of town for most of it but that didn’t stop us from packing as much fun into last week as we could.

What I came home to the first time I left the kids with Aaron and my dad to watch the Boy’s show.

After a weekend of shows, the Boy was in a local performance of The Jungle Book, we went camping at the beach. I recommend always going camping in the middle of the week if you can. It’s so much quieter. We practically had the whole place to ourselves.

The view from our campsite.

Little in a tree,

This little wood folding chair came on every camping trip I remember as a child. My dad is still bringing it on trips and now my kids are sitting in it.

My dad wears socks in his sandals.

Setting up the tent with grandpa.

racing the sunset

We got it up before sundown.

the girls built a treehouse for their stuffed animal friends.

Kitty and bobcat and Snowy the snow leopard had their own sleeping bags, made from the girls’ hats.

At night the tide came in and we fell asleep listening to breakers crashing against the rocks, and that sound a rock beach makes when the water pulls back down through all the rocks. It was amazing. Too bad Bam Bam woke up yelling. He’s not a fan of sleeping in strange new places apparently. It took a while to convince him that I wasn’t going to take him home and he had to go back to sleep where we were. He woke everyone up in the process.

But we eventually all went back to sleep.

My dad beating the Boy in a chin up competition, and hamming it up.

Waiting for breakfast, and watching the water.

BamBam learned zippers last week, and discovered the tent’s doggy door. There was no containing him.

Eating breakfast and sitting near the fire for fun, because it wasn’t cold at all.

The next day we got over our tiredness and went hiking. We live in a gorgeous place, truly.

Of course I’m going to make you look at those pictures too. In another post.

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  1. I have never been beach camping. This suddenly seems like a terrible tragedy. I have not been camping at all in years and years, though I used to go regularly. Maybe when we move back to CA, you can teach us how to beach camp. 🙂

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