Better Than Empty

When you go places with 4 children people notice, and they look for something to say. Some parents I know are offended by the comments. I see it as a way that others try to connect with what they see. Someone feels the need to observe to me, “You have your hands full!” Every time I leave the house. For about a year now I have replied by saying, “It’s better than empty.”

Yesterday at Costco, we were killing time in the store while our tires were replaced. The kids were playing in a demonstration play house right in the middle of the store.

He was passing by, stopping to look at the laughing children and placed his hand on my elbow, leaned in close to say, “You have your hands full.”

“Better than empty,” I replied with a smile.

What happened next surprised us both I think as his eyes began to water and his voice got tight. “I envy you with all my heart,” he said.

Then I had to look away and back at my kids with a new weight of gratitude welling up in my eyes and he moved on to make his purchases.

Just look at them. I get to be with them, all the time. I am truly blessed.

The place we hiked with dad.

rock climbing

visiting historical sites

did you know the spine of a pineapple form a perfect spiral?

My youngest BIL on his birthday

My mother’s day gift that the Girl made and Aaron procured real pearls for.

What we do to house guests.
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3 thoughts on “Better Than Empty

  1. I LOVE the answer you give people. Love it because it's kind (I have a tendency to be snappy when people are making comments) and true.

  2. I'm stealing this line.  I love it so much and as the mother of 4 under 5 who was originally told she was infertile, it rings true to me.

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