The shorter version

It’s been a crazy week.

I have this one idea for a post that I keep trying to write in the wee small hours of the morning, and falling asleep over. I had an unexpected guest and spent a lot of time trying to find her the care  she needed. And there’s school starting and schedules and curriculum to work out, and work and stuff…

But I did manage to hang with my kids this week. And Brenda and Bug came to visit for a day and do some crafty sorts of things. It was awesome to have time to visit in that unhurried, finish your wine sot of way.

Here’s the recap in pictures in case you aren’t following me on instagram or facebook. (why not?)

went to get ice cream
which led to this
She slept for almost 3 days, aside from waking to eat.
Waiting at government offices sucks, but this one had climbing trees.
wine, goat cheese, mango ginger chutney, a friend to share it with
Then Brenda came
painting happened
we sorted a lot of clothes
and ended here.

I promise more complete sentences and stories coming soon.

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