Remembering Shiloh-God’s Gift

Every so often when we visit Aaron’s parent’s house my MIL will call me toward the front to see what she’s done with Shiloh’s resting place now.

It’s been a gardening challenge for her, to see what will grow there, and she’s changed out plants multiple times.

I’m so grateful that this is here, that I have a place where I can slip out, into the quiet and sit on the swing for a few minutes and be near to Shiloh.

I like how this little clay circle of people and blue bird have made it out here to keep Shiloh company.

Every so often I find something like this out there.

I’m so grateful that this remembering of the child we had so briefly is not something I’m alone in. I can’t tell you how it blesses me to see this final resting place so lovingly cared for by so many.

Grief is hard, but it’s easier in a community than alone. I’m thankful for ours.

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One thought on “Remembering Shiloh-God’s Gift

  1. So thankful you have supportive family and a place to grieve. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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