We’re having a baby in Thailand!

You guys, number 5 is on the way! This is a very big surprise. (I blame the Reese’s Rainbow pages I was sobbing over in August wishing I could adopt one of those precious babies right now, an impossibility with an international move pending and all. It seems to always happen. I start dreaming of adopting and end up pregnant again. What is with that?)

I thought I had better tell you since I’m blaming early pregnancy for my erratic posting schedule, and the way I keep falling asleep when I’m trying to do things.

So, questions answered.

1. I’m due at the end of May.

2. Yes, we still plan to go to Thailand. The kids and I will go earlier than Aaron, so as to not be traveling/moving during 3rd trimester.

3. We will stay with these amazing lovely people, probably until after the baby is born. Having friends with open hearts and homes as a place to land when pregnant with 4 kids in tow in a foreign country is such a blessing I can’t begin to tell you. They foster kids in Thailand, and have a big walled property where my kids will have a blast.

4. Yes they have hospitals in Thailand and babies are born there all the time without incident. This may seem silly to point out but it’s often the first question people have. Also, you all know me. I caught my last baby myself. I’m praying I can talk the doctors into just giving me a room and leaving me alone to birth unless I call them. I am a crazy westerner after all.

5. The kids are excited. Except BamBam, who has no clue. But judging from the way he adores every baby he sees, I think he’ll be thrilled when he’s presented with a younger sibling.

6. I am tired, and hungry, and nauseated but so far not actually puking. This is a miracle in itself, even if I am lower functioning than normal.

7. My parents in-law have apparently been scheming to send Aaron’s youngest brother along with me when we go, he’s 17, to help me on the plane and with the kids until Aaron arrives. This is incredibly kind and I’m very grateful if it happens. My two SIL’s are making similar plans to show up around the time the baby is due as well. This is also awesome since one apprenticed with my mid-wife here for a while and they’ve both been in Thailand before and can help navigate such things.

8. We’re extending the fundraiser and iPad giveaway another month since we realized we’ve been trying to do this while competing for attention with an election year, facebooks new not-all-your-fans-see-all-your-posts-unless-you-pay algorhythm, and my pregnant brain trying to organize it all and the numbers are pitiful so far. So someone is going to win an iPad just in time for Christmas.

9. If you pray, I covet your prayers. I feel very old and tired to be doing this again, and the time I need to properly care for myself now is probably a good thing, but it takes time away from the hundreds of other pressing things that have to be done. I’ll take all the help I can get.

That’s it.

Announcement over. I’m off to finish preparations for the Boy’s epic hobbit party tomorrow. Only dozens of pork pies and seed cakes to bake, as well as potato soup, bread, and mini tart shells. Also some sewing for one or 2 more hobbit costumes… This is going to be the most awesome birthday party ever. If I survive it.


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